Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama Administration Mired in 'Flygate,' Coverup Could Signal End of Presidency

A seemingly off-handed incident involving the swatting of a housefly during an televised interview of the president has unexpectedly raised the stock of the commander-in-chief to new heights, but could also prove be his undoing.

White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, commented, "This is even better than when Bush landed on the aircraft carrier to announce 'Mission Accomplished.'"

The President, after being repeatedly buzzed by the errant fly during the interview, set the trap. He went into stealth mode, waited for the fly to land on the back of his hand, sprung his lethal snare by deftly swatting the insect and then unceremoniously dumping its lifeless corpse onto the White House carpet.

President Obama, obviously revelling in his opportunity to showcase his cat-like reflexes, exclaimed, "I got the sucker," while the camera zoomed in on the hapless fly.

But on his Thursday afternoon radio talk show, Rush Limbaugh, patron saint of right-wing conservatives everywhere, leaked the shocking news that the entire incident had been staged for the cameras as a ploy for the president to gain a foothold with those voters who view him as too meek, too soft to be an effective leader, especially if Dick Cheney's wet dream of a terrorist attack comes to pass.

Limbaugh said he learned of the faux fly swat when his sources inside PETA (yes, they're everywhere!) were assured that "no flies were harmed in the filming of the interview" and that the 'insect' was actually two entities--an animatronic flying robot, supplied by the Department of Defense and a stunt fly, which was used for the close-up death scenes.

Glenn Beck, apparently also apprised of the deception, fed into his core audience's love of conspiracy theories when he announced that unnamed sources had informed him that, after the 'fly' was knocked to the ground, Obama leapt to his feet, raised his arms over his head and shouted, "Who's your daddy, now, Super Fly? You thought you were badass coming in here--this is MY house! And your mama was a maggot, bitch!"

Beck said that Obama was advised to cut this last scene from the final video, as it was deemed 'too bloodthirsty' and 'too vindictive' for the general viewing public.

As of Friday morning, the White House has had no comment on these latest allegations.

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