Monday, June 8, 2009

Sotomayor Breaks Ankle, Obama Tells Biden To "Put Her Down"

The Obama administration's nominee to the US Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, broke her ankle in an airport fall while on her way to meet with members of Congress in Washington.

The President, just back from Europe, told his vice-president, Joe Biden, to "take care of it." When Biden asked for clarification, Pres. Obama was heard to say, "Look, Joe, I jist got back from palaverin' with important folk, then ridin' herd on the missus and the younguns' all through Par-ee. Hell, I'd druther try to bareback a bangtail through Bozeman than have to chase all them fillies around agin. I'm plumb tuckered out."

"Her leg's broke, Joe. Ain't nothin' nobody can do for her now. You know what you have to do."

"It's time to show you ride for the brand, Joe......"

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