Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woman Identified In Background Of Iconic VJ Day Photo Demands Her Own Statue Next To Sarasota's "Unconditional Surrender"

Apparently, those prescient Sarasotans who opposed the permanent placement of Seward Johnson's statue, Unconditional Surrender, because of fears that the photographer's estate or Life Magazine, original publisher of the famous photograph, would sue the city for copyright infringement has merit.  It was learned today that the City of Sarasota was being sued by Gloria Bullard, 84, of Belen-Chapur, South Carolina, to get a statue of herself erected on the bayfront next to the Sailor and the Nurse.

"I was in that goddam picture, too, ya know," she said, her raspy voice cracking like old, dry leather as she took a long drag from her Lucky Strike.  "Some guy took my picture and sold it to a magazine and made a lot of money.  Then, some numbnuts makes a statue of the picture and he makes a lot of money.  Seems to me like old Gloria's the only one not making any money off this thing.  And that's a load of crap, if you ask me......"

Person identified as Gloria Bullard is circled at far left of picture.

Lighting another Lucky off the glowing end of her previous cigarette, Ms. Bullard continued, "It doesn't have to be anything fancy--after all, I wasn't the main subject of the photo.  I could have been if I could have gotten to that sailor before old Edith "Sweet Lips" Shain pounced on him first.  That poor bastard never had a chance."

"You know, there's been about a dozen different guys who claim that they were the sailor kissing Edith in that photo.  I don't know which one is in the picture because that the little tramp kissed every guy that passed through Times Square that day--Army, Navy, Marine, our side, their side; it didn't matter to old "Sweet Lips."

"Now, I'm thinking my statue should be over by that restaurant, Marina Jack's.  Maybe kinda leaning against the building, like this," she said, striking a pose against her walker.  "And I want it to be accurate, too.  You know, anatomically correct.  So, if you're sittin' there at the bar and you look up, you'll look right up my skirt and get an eyeful, 'cause back in the day, I didn't wear no underwear.  Actually, I still don't.  Check out this action, young fella....."


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