Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lawyer Gets Extreme Makeover For Client Accused Of Murder; Call It The 'Max Factor'

Defense attorney, Bjorn Brunvand, has convinced Pasco Circuit Judge Michael Andrews that his client, self-professed neo-Nazi John Ditullio Jr., to spend up to $125 a day to hire a makeup artist to cover facial tattoos on the accused killer to preclude any notion that Ditullio is anything but an average, peace-loving model citizen.

Thank you, taxpayers!

Ditullio, on trial in New Port Richey for the stabbing death of Kristofer King and attempted murder of Patricia Wells, who was slashed repeatedly before the attacker fatally stabbed 17-year old King, a friend of her son. Ditullio is a member of the American Nazis, who maintain a stylish compound in Pasco County that is modeled after Der Fuhrer's beloved Eagle's Nest retreat in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Except that this little slice of Nazi heaven consists of a motley collection of rundown trailers covered in swastikas at the end of a dead end street. The Alps it ain't. Police believe the two victims were targeted for violence because Wells associated with a black man and King was a homosexual.

The makeup artist was charged with blotting out a swastika tattoo on the right side of Ditullio's neck, an expletive on the left side of his neck, a strand of barbed wire on his right cheek and forehead and a teardrop under his left eye, as seen in this photo:

Way to not draw attention to yourself, mein dummkopf.

For the first day of jury selection, Ditullio showed up looking remarkably different. "It's amazing what a little bit of makeup can do for some people," said the man responsible, Tydd St. Giles, who is on loan from Walt Disney World, where he does the makeup for Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo and several other Disney princesses. "I think Johnny D (St. Giles pet nickname for Ditullio) has such fabulous bone structure and skin tone that it makes him easy to work with. Great raw materials. And when you get him to smile, he just lights up the room. See what I mean:

"We went with the sassy look for the first day," the makeup artist continued. "Johnny has that mischievious nature and I wanted to reflect that with the kicky, casual hairstyle, the touch of dark roots peeking out from the crown, the big silver hoop earrings, set off by the serious tone of the black coat over the black turtleneck, which hides the eye-catching, yet possibly prejudicial tattoo of barbed wire and oozing blood on his upper chest. He is, after all, on trial for first-degree murder. I also chose to go with "These Lips Don't Lie" lip gloss, playful, sexy, yet classy."

"The attorney said it might be too much of a change, too dramatic for the jury to take him seriously, so for the second day we toned it down a smidge. We softened the hair so it wasn't so brassy, we combed it down so it fell just below his shoulders, draped it over his right eye to lend that air of mystery and changed the lip gloss to something more subdued and refined. I also went with a lighter shade of foundation, since Johnny thought he looked less Aryan and didn't want to give his brothers the wrong impression. We stayed with the black over black theme for his ensemble because, well, because, like I said before, he is, after all, on trial for a senseless and brutal murder."

"But, over all, I think it works, don't you? I definitely see a little bit of Snow White in him."

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