Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sarasota's New College Launches New Study Major: YouTube

Sarasota's elite bastion of education, New College, has unveiled its latest tool in advancing the higher education for some of America's most independent thinkers: YouTube.

Touted by the school as an "educational forum to showcase the vibrant academic and campus life at New College," it is hoped that the videos featured on the site will also be a high tech platform to generate interest in not only New College, but Sarasota and the greater Suncoast itself. College administrators and civic leaders alike are enthusiastic that the video collaboration with the media giant will attract new students, as well as new donors, to the school.

One video features a pre-law class, which is a relatively new course of study for the school and is designed to take advantage of the local boom in legal services, such as high-profile divorces, shielding shady investment brokers, filing foreclosures and fighting the installment of red-light cameras by the city:

The Interpretive Dance curriculum is recognized worldwide as one of the premier rhythm and movement programs, developing tomorrow's cutting edge dance artists here on the Suncoast:

The sciences are well represented at New College, as future researchers, technicians and engineers are trained in the school's state-of-the-art science labs:

Nothing personifies New College more than its committment to preserving the environment. Courses in alternative energy sources have yielded numerous break-throughs in the ongoing green revolution, but none quite as spectacularly successful as the Wind Turbine Design program:

Classroom protocol, while perhaps less than rigorous than some institutions, nevertheless fosters an intense learning environment through innovative teaching methods:

Realizing that the college experience is more than rigorous academics, other videos show the social aspect of the school. Here, the New College Voices demonstrate their talents, wowing the halftime crowd at a sold-out frisbee football game featuring the New College Nerf Dogs vs. the newly-renamed State College of Florida Nondescripts:

Dorm life at New College is an extraordinary experience for students, featuring plush accomodations overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and fine cuisine in the tastefully appointed dining room, where students enjoy the socialization with their peers and the freeflow of ideas:

New College: Where everybody's a star. For fifteen minutes. Maybe even longer.

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