Monday, January 25, 2010

Fistfight Breaks Out Between Bush And Clinton While Filming Haiti Relief PSA

Reports have surfaced regarding an alleged confrontation between the two former presidents while filming a public service announcement at the behest of Pres. Obama to solicit help for the Haitian relief effort. Apparently, Pres. Clinton felt that Pres. Bush was not taking his role as a humanitarian seriously enough and grew angry when Bush veered from the scripted plea and failed to recite his lines at the proper time.

Clinton accused Bush of making a mockery of the proceedings, at which time Bush repeated, "You're making a mockery out of this, George," and laughed in Clinton's face. Clinton, visibly irritated, pushed Bush off his chair and onto the floor, threatening him with a punch in the nose.

Bush then promised Clinton and the videographer that he would quit fooling around and do the spot correctly, but when the camera started rolling again, Bush began mugging into the camera and silently mouthing the words Clinton was speaking. With that, Clinton paused, looked at Bush and struck him squarely on the jaw, sending the former president to the floor once more.

Bush, astonished that Clinton would have the audacity to sucker punch him, leapt onto Clinton, toppling him from his chair. Both former leaders of the free world wrestled around on the carpet for a minute before staffers could separate the two and restore order.

Fresh makeup was applied to cover the mens' scratches and bruises, especially Bush's rapidly swelling lower lip, Clinton's torn shirt collar hastily mended and both of their prized American flag lapel pins were adjusted back into place and the filming continued.

At the conclusion of the spot, Clinton angrily left the set, but not before calling Bush "a jackass." To which Bush replied, "I know you are, but what am I?"

Video from a Dutch producer reveals what transpired just before the altercation erupted:


  1. This is what happens when you let a socialist and a communist sit together. Good honest teabaggers don't do this sort of thing. Which reminds me - I need to have a party and show the John Waters movie "Pecker," which first popularized the idea of teabagging.

  2. Strange--I always thought that movie was a sequel to Hitchcock's 'The Birds,' but I may be wrong....