Thursday, January 7, 2010

Girls' Basketball Phenom Dismissed From Local High School Team

The Riverview High School of Sarasota County girls' basketball program suffered a severe setback earlier today when it was revealed that the team's star player, Boyanka Angelova, was dropped from the roster. While the boys' hardwood team, the Riverview Rams, look to have a mediocre-at-best team this year, the girls' hoopsters, the Fightin' Ewes, had what appeared to be a powerhouse, spearheaded by the incredible ball-handling abilities of sophomore phenom Angelova.

Said dejected coach, Hannah "Hookshot" Hourihan, "I'm as disappointed by the kid washing out as anybody. When she walked onto the court this fall, I thought I had the proverbial diamond in the rough, you know."

"She had great ball control, soft hands, deceptive quickness, a tremendous physical presence on the court, but could never quite get the fundamentals of the game. We'd run drill after drill, but she just couldn't get the hang of it. Unteachable; never had her head in the game. Never wanted to wear the standard uniform, either. A real prima donna, that kid."

"Oh, she was a real crowd pleaser, all right. But the fouls killed us. Double dribble. Walking with the ball. Palming the ball. Just one thing after another."

"We'd feed her the ball and that would be it; she'd never get the ball away before the shot clock ran out. Don't get me wrong, she was a wonder to behold and all, but you only win games by scoring points and you only score points by putting the ball through the hoop. She just couldn't seem to grasp that concept."

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