Wednesday, March 10, 2010

E-Trade Baby In Trouble Again, Lindsay Lohan Demands Paternity Test

Child prodigy actor, 16-month old Tyler Sumnerfield II, star of the E-Trade print and television advertising campaign, is being sued by actress Lindsay Lohan for breach of contract and demanding that Sumnerfield submit to a paternity test. Sumnerfield, already in hot water for his unauthorized turn as an air traffic controller last month at JFK Airport in New York, is being accused by Lohan of breaking his verbal committment to her to star in his next E-Trade commercial.

According to court documents, Lohan contends that she and Sumnerfield had been in a relationship and she was promised that he would get her a co-starring spot in his next commercial. The relationship soured and, as a result, Sumnerfield never delivered on his promise to have her appear in the ad. Instead, Sumnerfield filmed what she claims is a defamatory attack on her reputation, labeling her as a "milkaholic" and is demanding $100 million for improperly using her "likeness, name, characterization, and personality" without permission, violating her right of privacy.

"So, like I'm just chillin' with some friends one night, doin' a little coke, havin' a couple shots, and, like, this commercial comes on with Tyler and, like, then all of a sudden, they're talking about me being this slutty milkaholic chick. Like, that is sooooo wrong."

Friends say she became enraged when she saw the spot and immediately asked if anybody in the room was sober enough to dial the phone to call her lawyer. After several attempts, they finally were able to dial the right number and Lohan spoke to her attorney.

Lohan's attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, said that, in addition to the $100 million lawsuit, they are demanding that Sumnerfield undergo DNA testing for a possible paternity suit. Ovadia would not confirm that her client is, in fact, pregnant, fueling speculation by legal experts that this is just a ploy to coerce Sumnerfield into a settlement.

Sumnerfield held a press conference earlier today, flanked by his legal cousel, attorney Whitney Banks of Sarasota, FL, to discuss the lawsuit, as well as his relationship with Lohan.

"I met Lindsay some months ago at a club in Hollywood. I had just wrapped my Super Bowl commercial and got together with friends to celebrate. Lindsay approached me, said she liked my work, asked if I wanted to party, one thing led to another and she ended going home with me that night. We did, in fact, have a short "relationship", if that's what she wants to call it; I'd just call it a couple weeks of wild sex, too wild for me, as a matter of fact."

"I may have told her something about her being in a commercial, I don't remember. A guy'll say lots of things to get a chick into bed, you know what I mean? At no time did I ever promise her or enter into any sort of verbal contract with her about it, I probably just said I'd see what I could do. I use that line a lot with girls. 'Cause it works. All the time. And nobody's ever held me to it before."

E-Trade had no comment on Sumnerfield's status with the ad campaign, citing the ongoing lawsuit.

"No, seriously, who would confuse this cutie.........

..........with this hot mess???"

Sumnerfield's attorney, Sarasota's Whitney Banks, reacts to his client calling Lohan a "skankapotamus."

Later at a bar, Sumnerfield tells his buddies, "Hey, I heard Lindsay wants ALL of you guys DNA tested....."

"Nah, I'm just playin' with you guys. Except for you, Paxton."

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