Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can't Tell The Players Without a Scorecard

What's going on here??

Granted, Bernie Madoff was first, but Sarasota's own Art Nadel came in a solid second.

Now, THIS!

But, wait, there's MORE!

And on the very day, Nadel turns himself in to the Feds in Tampa!! It's bad enough that Nadel chose to surrender in Tampa instead of here in Sarasota, but the Chamber of Commerce isn't going to like sharing the spotlight with these other two stories. We'll probably be lucky to get even a mention on the national news tonight, dammit. And it was such a nice sunny day today, too; perfect for a live shot from Main Street.

Apparently Nadel. always the thoughtful husband, left a note for the missus that was found by Nadel employees shredded at the Scoop Mgmt. office. Yeah, those guys won't be getting the "Employee of the Month" award any time soon.

Pieced together, the note read:

“If you want to survive this mess, what follows is for your eyes only. I strongly suggest that you destroy it after reading. The avenues to money for you will likely be blocked soon. You must use the trust (yours) to your benefit as much and as soon as possible. Please look for the bank credit card account and you will see a large credit balance that can be used in the usual way or to withdraw cash. Withdraw as much cash as you can, as this account might also become blocked."

Forensics experts would not confirm that the last part of the note read: "And don't forget to get my blue suit from the cleaners."

Ever the dutiful wife, Mrs. Nadel said, “if it was used, it was by him and not by me or anybody else.” So much for being the 'dutiful wife.'

Well, Madoff was remanded to the custody of his multi-million dollar apartment in NYC until his trial, I wonder where they'll send Nadoff? Sounds like going home to the little woman might be a little chilly.

I wonder why he came back? You mean to tell me that with all that loot, he couldn't have hidden out in New Orleans for 4 weeks until Mardi Gras? Instead of fleeing to Louisiana, he should have made a run for the soon-to-be sovereign nation of Casey Key--I don't think they have an extradition treaty with the U.S. yet.

"Your room is ready, Mr. Nadel. Shall I draw your bath, sir?"

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