Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now, That's What I'm Talkin' About!

I was worried about Sarasota.

I was concerned that we were losing our luster.

I thought the Bernie Madoff scandal was going to pass us by, without so much as a footnote in history.

This is, after all, Sarasota, FLA., the self-proclaimed "culture capital of the west coast." We are famous for being shallow and superficial. We worship wealth and all its trappings, we are in awe of rock star wheeler-dealers and we just adore the idea of 'something for nothing.'

We were primed and ready.

Then, just in the nick of time, along comes this guy to save our reputation.

The article even calls it a "mini-Madoff." Cute touch.

The update is that Nadel's car has been located at the Sarasota airport. So, did he have to leave town to commit suicide, as his note apparently suggested? Surely, he wouldn't have intimated such a thing just to throw off people looking for him, would he? Maybe he didn't even leave town and just left his car at the airport to give the impression that he did?

We had another famous con man a couple years ago who scammed some banks on some loans (no, really!) and fled the country and couldn't be located by the authorities. Except some reporter who called a relative in Jordan and ended up talking to the guy (who, of course, said he didn't do anything wrong--he just wanted to hang out in Jordan for a while.)

Maybe Nadel and Husani are chillin' together in Jordan. With Elvis.

So, stay tuned as our little (by Madoff standards) scandal unfolds.

Is this a great place or what?

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