Saturday, January 31, 2009

In The News....

"Sansom calls for a timeout as speaker"
  • Destin Republican flagged for illegal procedure for funneling over $25 million to Northwest Fla. State when they only requested $1 million in state aid, illegal receiver down field (Jay Odom) for a $3 million for a private airplane hanger and too many men on the field when he became Florida's Speaker of the House and Vice-President of Northwest Fla. State (to the tune of $110,000/yr.) on the same day. Sansom is hoping the timeout will give officials time to review the play on the field and rule that he took the position at the college "with pure intentions and for good reasons."
"Art Nadel is denied release"
  • Federal judge rejects attorney's heartfelt plea ( he's "just a pathetic soul'), citing flight risk, even though Nadel explained to FBI agents that he had simply "been on vacation" when he left a suicide note and went missing for the week following the discovery that Scoop Mgmt. was bust, leaving subsequent messages for wife Peg on how to access emergency cash, which could include some of the $95 million of management and profit-incentive fees collected since 2003 that Nadel shared in. Authorities believe he was "vacationing" in Louisiana and North Carolina, flying on one of his five personal planes. He also owns the Venice Jet Center and an airport and several hundred acres of property in NC, along with several houses to support his "moderate" lifestyle. Oh, and a secret Swiss bank account.
"Peer pressure to conserve comes with the electric bill"
  • A California utility company has begun issuing 'smiley faces' and 'frowney faces' with customers' electric bills to encourage conservation. Disgruntled attorney, Greg Dyer, got one and complained that he has four daughters and none of his neighbors have that many children. He wrote back to the utility and issued his own rating of four frowney faces. As a lawyer, he probably enclosed a "cease-and-desist" letter, as well.
"Mother of six, plus eight, is sparking intense debate"
  • Medical ethicists are concerned about giving fertility treatments to a 33-year old woman who already has six children. The 'feel good' story of the octuplets' birth is now becoming a "what-the-hell-were-you-thinking' story, from not only the mother's standpoint, but from her fertility doctor. Typically, only two embryos are implanted, with the hope that one will take. So, was their a volume discount sale somewhere that she received 8?
"Security clampdown around Iraq before elections"
  • Kathy Dent is denied entrance into war-torn country; said she wanted to 'supervise' the election process for the Iraqis but was rebuffed by coalition forces. "We have had four candidates assassinated already, must you add to our misery?" said one Iraqi official.

"Letters From Our Readers"
  • Letters reflected SHT-readers concern for the threatened State Farm pull out, Obama's critics, the fleeting success of the stimulus plan and, of course, the obligatory request for Cy Bispham's Swamp Cabbage Bisque, that has made him the darling of local foodie circles.
"Veteran Looks At Senate Seat"
  • Former New Hampshire Senator, Bob Smith, wants to fill the post of retiring Mel Martinez. Smith seems to have all the credentials to be a Florida lawmaker: he moved to Palmer Ranch in 2002 and has been working as a realtor. He ran for the seat in 2004, but dropped out after two months due to the lack of funds and name recognition. To counteract those concerns, Smith admits that he has not been involved in state or local politics since. However, "About 10 days ago he sent an email to friends and in Fla. and New Hampshire asking for their opinions on whether he should run. Of the 100-some responses, most have been positive, Smith said." Those who did not think it was a good idea are no longer on his email list. To seal the deal, Smith stated, "I don't know a lot of political players in this state, and frankly I don't care." Yep, that attitude will get you far in the world of politics.
"The Parade of Homes will go on"
  • Kinda. This year will feature 56 new houses and 4 remodels, down from a high of 157 entries in 2001 and 106 just a year ago. Hardly worth getting out the lawn chairs for this parade.
"Dogs kind of have a sixth sense about these things."

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