Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who Says People Aren't Coming to FLA??

First, there was the story of this visitor who dropped into (HA!) to our fair state a couple weeks ago.

Nice plan, D. B. Next time, fly commercially.

Now, this couple.

"Gift from God?" Well, it says that they did give away thousands to churches, so at least they had the tithing thing going for them.

Since they were contemplating the purchase of a new home in the Orlando area, I wonder if the local realtors will get together and start a defense fund. Hey, a customer is a customer.

The article also mentions that the guy who received the, uh, "gift from God," says he tried to contact the bank to question the windfall, but was ignored. The bank probably thought it was another one of those pesky people trying to re-negotiate their mortgage to avoid foreclosure.

In the old cowboy movies, the bandits used to head to Mexico. Now they just head to Florida.

'Welcome to Florida'

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