Tuesday, January 27, 2009

School Daze

I'm sure that this story will be used the next time that the Sarasota School Board wants the county residents to support a referendum to raise the salaries of its educators.

Clearly, if this teacher would have been paid more, he would not have had to stoop to purchase his drugs in a Jobs, Etc., parking lot in Newtown. Had he had the means, I'm sure he would have opted to buy his weed and cocaine from a more reputable source than an unemployment office. The taxpayers of this county should be ashamed of how they treat those who teach our children.

He seems like a nice enough guy, though. I mean, he did say, "Sure, go ahead," when deputies asked to search his car.

And I sure wouldn't want to be him, having to go through the whole 'ringer' process before they let him back in the classroom. I think it has something to do with learning how to use handbells.

If Sarasota authorities want to keep tabs on Wyszomirski, maybe they can import the "Watchdog" from Manatee County.

"Mr. Chairman, I believe I have the floor....."

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