Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"The Restorer"

Just finished watching Barack Obama take the oath of office for President. Not to be picky, but for such an excellent orator, he stumbled through the beginning of the oath, unless the Chief Justice read it to him wrong and he was unsure to recite it correctly or as it was just spoken.

The excitement of the occasion is contagious, as it should be. If a part of the world's economic woe is a crisis of confidence, Obama seems to be the guy destined to become "The Restorer," now that we are done with "The Decider." He exudes confidence like Franklin Roosevelt did when he was elected in the '30s.

I truly hope he can restore us to a modicum of normalcy, of fiscal sanity, of personal responsibility, of new opportunities. Talk about 'Great Expectations'.........

Living here in Sarasota, I've come to understand that it's all about the show, not the reality. Presentation is everything. Perception is the new reality. If Obama can project that air of confidence and get everyone excited, maybe something good will happen. He's already pretty much of a rock star throughout the world--I hope he gets the chance to deliver some of the change he has promised.

It's his game to lose. Democrats control Congress, so it's their show all the way, as well. He's in a position to make a difference existentially, if not substantively. And since perception is king, that could translate into a real difference.

I know he'll get the benefit of the doubt from people like Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live, etc. I know he won't get any slack from Rush Limbaugh, et al. I don't mind honest criticism, but I don't think "honest" ever works its way into Limbaugh's routine, does it?

And has anyone ever seen Limbaugh and Karl Rove in the same room together?? You don't think..........

Obama Heals Crack in Liberty Bell By Laying On Of Hands


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