Monday, January 19, 2009

From the Sarasota Songbook?

Not to be outdone by Guns N' Roses latest less-than-stellar album, Chinese Democracy, Sarasota is getting set to release its version: Chinese Drywall.

Apparently, some homebuilders bought and installed drywall imported from China. Knowingly or not, legally or not, who can say. Just as no one can say who will be left holding the bag on this one, other than the affected homeowners, being the low man on the totem pole and all, just like it always is.

And I guarantee you that there are hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure that are trying to figure out how to get Chinese drywall installed in their place!

This will be a boon to the local home inspection business, as homeowners look for a loophole to get them out from under.

I see there's already a website up and running to recruit homeowners for a class-action suit, so the ambulance-chasers will make out, not to mention lawyers for the builders, supply houses, etc. Then, again, they always do make out OK, don't they?

Who knows, this might begin a new cottage industry here in town. Spray a little sulfur solution on the walls, pull some baseboard and stencil "CHINA" on the drywall, even get a corroded AC coil and say it came from the house and call your lawyer.

Don't miss out on your chance to jump on this bandwagon.

"Ooooh-Ooooh, that smell.........."

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