Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Child Evangelist Cancels Revival in Palmetto; Goes Into Seclusion

The handlers of child prodigy evangelist, Yarnell Waddle, have abruptly canceled their old-fashioned tent revival that had been scheduled for this weekend. A revival spokesman made the announcement to workers erecting the giant tent, which was subsequently re-packed into a waiting semi trailer.

The spokesman then issued the following statement: "The ministry of Rev. Yarnell Waddle will be suspended until further notice. We regret this decision, but trust that Yarnell's followers will continue to keep him and his work in their thoughts, prayers and, most importantly, in their continued flow of checks while he works through his personal demons."

Media outlets indicate that the pint-sized preacher will soon be the focus of a series of investigative reports placing him in the company of a hooker while he was at his latest revival in Okahumpka. Celebrity website, TMZ, has apparently obtained video of Rev. Waddle and the unnamed prostitute, drunkenly cavorting in the kiddie pool at the Okahumpka Holiday Inn.

Little Toddler Preaching at Church - Watch more Funny Videos

Famed televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, himself no stranger to disgrace, has reached out to the youngster. "The kid has a great career ahead of him as an evangelist. It's probably good that he's gotten this out of the way now, before he got too famous. People forget. There's so much of this going on that it hardly makes a difference anymore, not like when Jim Bakker and I got busted. Now, it's like 'so what, who cares?' Swaggart said. "I mean, look at Ted Haggard. He gets busted with meth and a gay prostitute and it's like nothing ever happened. Back in the old days, geez, we would have been crucified for that kind of crap."

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