Sunday, April 19, 2009

Internet Singing Sensation, Susan Boyle, Named As 'Other Woman' In Mel Gibson Divorce

Robyn Gibson, soon to be ex-wife of noted actor, Mel Gibson, has told media outlets that her 28-year marriage is over because of his dalliances with Scottish diva, Susan Boyle. "I was content to let it go, but now that she's going to be a big star---well, that's a bit more than I can bear," said Mrs. Gibson.

Apparently the two met in 1994 when Gibson was filming Braveheart in Scotland. Local shopkeeper, Hawick Dunoon, of West Lothian remembers, "Aye, Susan wa' a wild one then. She an' Mel woold always be a-rompin' in tha heather, sure. Dinna ya wonder where the lass learned to hit tha high notes like that? An' that scene in tha movie where tha boys lift their kilts to th' English? Mel got th' idea from Susan. She wa' always roonin' around liftin' her skirts in front of Mel. Sometimes she'd be waerin' knickers, sometimes she din't. Course, she wa' more of a looker then, too."

Celebrity website TMZ is offering this photo as proof of a relationship between Gibson and Susan Boyle, who can be seen in the third row from the back, holding a big stick and with dirt on her face.


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