Saturday, April 25, 2009

Discussions To Prevent Total Global Economic Collapse Put On Hold While World Debates Pros, Cons Of Susan Boyle Makeover

World leaders have put on hold their last-ditch efforts to save the world from complete and utter financial collapse to focus of the most pressing issue since the selection of a new dog for the Obama White House, namely whether the makeover of internet singing sensation, Susan Boyle, will help or hinder her burgeoning career.

While the heartland of America and other industrialized countries, along with the majority of third-world nations, feel that the makeover will detract from her homespun charm, cultural centers like Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro and Sarasota are overwhelmingly in favor of her new look.

Said local plastic surgeon, Dr. Billye "Botox" Glamme (glam-MAY), "It's just not right for plain people to get so much attention, let alone ugly ones. Of course, she should have had the makeover. Actually, I think she needs to go further, though--brow lift, eye lift, nose job, lip implants, face lift, neck lift, breast implants, liposuction, buttock augmentation and any other procedure my office performs. She can ask for my volume discount."

Who sings better,

the 'old' Susan Boyle?


the 'new' Susan Boyle?

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