Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bombs Away On Longboat Key!

The Army Corps of Engineers have been placing half-page ads in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune recently asking locals who have any knowledge or evidence of ordnance, unexploded or otherwise, on Longboat Key to please inform them forthwith of same.

Longboat Key, popular tourist destination here on the Suncoast IF you own or rent a condo, since public beach access for the poor, huddled masses is limited to an unmarked, well-camouflaged path fringed with poison ivy that winds its way to the Gulf, sandwiched in between two large and decidedly unfriendly concrete behemoth condominium complexes. You know you've found the right spot by all the 'No Parking' signs and the idling tow truck nearby.

Back in the dark days of WWII, Longboat Key was just another relatively-uninhabited barrier island; so uninhabited, in fact, the US Army used the waters just offshore for artillery and bombing practice. Thank God the realtors finally got there and saved the island for all that Yankee money to be spent on it!

So, anyway, the Army has finally decided to start looking for any ordance that may have been left laying around on the beach or under some condo's kiddie pool.

What, only 60 years it took them to look for this stuff? I don't get it, what's the rush?

The locals who would have been old enough to remember any of this era are now well into their 80s. Luckily for the Army, that's about 90% of the population of Longboat Key.

Residents believe that the government's new-found interest in finding the lost bombs, artillery shells and K-rations (which history tells us will be much better preserved than the other military hardware), was prompted by the recent discovery of a 150-lb. bomb by two local residents, Beckley Gassaway and Kimball Mabscott.

The Army will not be able to gain much insight from the two boys, as, unfortunately, just after this photo was snapped, the boys dropped their prize. Authorities found their remains on the beach at Longboat Key.

And Siesta Key.

And Anna Maria.

Ellenton, near the Interstate.

South Bradenton.
Punta Gorda.

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