Monday, May 25, 2009

Meg Lowman, Sarasota's Orchid Queen, Reported Missing

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Dept. is asking for the public's help in trying to find noted conservationist, Meg Lowman, after she was reported missing..

'Canopy Meg' as she is known locally, is also known in some circles as 'Meg, Meg, Bo-Beg, Banana-Fana, Fo-Feg, Fee-Fi-Mo-Meg, Meg.'

Detectives found suspicious footprints on the beach near where the dedicated environmentalist's abandoned kayak was found.

Said one ex-Selby Garden employee who asked not to be named, "That Meg really really had a wild streak in her, alright, but I don't blame her. All those days and nights sitting in some jungle somewhere, looking for flowers. It's enough to make anybody a little crazy, I guess."

Detectives in the case have questioned co-workers but have gotten scant leads. Said one, "Ms. Lowman was constantly living life on the edge. There's all kinds of strange creatures living in those jungles. Who's to say Bigfoot or Yeti don't really exist? Who's to say Ms. Lowman didn't find one? Who's to say it didn't follow her home to Sarasota?"

An unidentified relative at the Lowman home, when shown the evidence, said, " After her last trip to the Amazon, I did notice that she was in a much better mood than usual. And judging by the size of those footprints on the beach, I'm not surprised. You know what they say about men with big feet........."

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