Saturday, May 9, 2009

North Port Re-Branding Consultant Shows Video For Other City That Is Already Reaping Rewards

The North Port City Commissioners were given an advanced screening of a promotional video for another American city struggling with its image. Zgoda Marketing, producers of the video and charged with 're-branding' the City of North Port, played the video to a rapt commission, who praised its content, production values and overall danceability.

The City of Cleveland's Visitor Bureau had commissioned the work and, according to Zgoda Marketing representatives, are "absolutely thrilled" with the resulting video, which has already garnered significant buzz in Chamber of Commerce circles throughout the country.

Said Commissioner Virginia Carusone, "We commissioners have been second-guessed by the people of North Port for spending a great deal of their taxpayer money on this project. I am absolutely confident we will be receiving a promo for our city that is equal to, or even better than, the one shown here tonight for Cleveland. When our residents see this video, they, too, will be reassured that their hard-earned money has been well spent."

Fellow Commissioner, Michael Treubert, was somewhat less effusive. "The video's OK, if you like that kind of stuff. Now if you want to see something that will really get your motor revving, let me show you the one I showed to my law enforcement class a couple months ago......."

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