Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, Shocks Nation at First Press Conference

President Barack Obama's choice as a replacement for outgoing Supreme Court Justice David Souter is federal appeals judge Sonia Carmella de la Cruz Antonio Santa Maria Augustinia Guadaloupe y Acapulco Chimichanga de la Pollo Sotomayor. If the nomination process for her is anything like her acceptance speech and impromptu news conference, it will be a long road ahead for the first Hispanic to be named to the high court.

Judge Sotomayor opened her remarks with, "When I first got the call, I thought I was being asked to be in a revival of the Supremes singing group. Now that would be cool. But when I found out they just wanted me to be on the Supreme Court, I was a little disappointed but still said OK."

She caused quite a stir when she introduced her family to the media, who were more than willing to pose for the cameras.

The news conference ended when an AP reporter asked Sotomayor about her qualifications to be on the Supreme Court.

Visibly irratated at the question, she literally snarled, "Qualifications? Qualifications?? I don't got to show you no stinkin' qualifications....."

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