Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tomorrow's Headlines Today--Sorry, No Lottery Numbers

  • Proscenium Developer Portanova, Hammered Over 'Force Majeure' Defense on Loan Default, Now Claims "Dog Ate My Contract"

  • Herald-Tribune Publishers Say Reaction To Smaller Size So Successful, They Now Plan To Print Future Editions on 3X5 Cards

  • With Python Invasion Looming, Environmentalist Meg Lowman Says County's Only Hope Is "Rampant and Unbridled Development"

  • Sarasota History Buffs Win Reprieve For Old Riverview High School, New Building To Be Demolished

  • State Dodges Private-Public Beach Controversy, Seizes All Florida Beaches By Eminent Domain, Sells Them To Oil Companies and Tells Landowners and Public To "Fight It Out With Them"

  • Sarasota's Katherine Harris Asked To Mediate Text Voting Dispute For 'American Idol,' Praised For Doing "Heck of a Job, Katy" in Resolving 1990 Presidential Election

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