Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Florida Legislator Calls For Drug Testing The Unemployed--Is He On Crack?

What do you call someone who thinks nursing homes have too many regulations and the unemployed should pay for their own drug tests before collecting their benefits? Well, here in Florida, we call them "Senator," as in, state Sen. Mike Bennett. As in state Sen. Mike Bennett, who proposes almost three times as much legislation as most other senators.

I think that falls under the heading of "let's throw it all against the wall and see what sticks."

Methinks, the good senator likes to hear himself legislate.

I'm not sure why he thinks this would be such a good idea, other than because he proposed it, he likes seeing his name in print or because he's just the kind of guy who likes seeing the little people squirm. After all, he's got a pretty good gig going on himself, being a politician and all. And he's a big-shot real estate developer, which, I'm sure, was not helped at all by him being a state Senator. So there's that, too.

Let's assume that most employers require a drug test these days. Let's assume that since, to collect unemployment benefits, you had to be employed. Ergo, your employer required you to pee in a cup before you were hired.

Now, if you did not lose your job because you were smoking crack or swilling cough syrup, let's assume you were laid off for something much more mundane, like the piss-poor economy. Why should you, the unemployed schlub, have to pay for a drug test to collect a benefit that you have paid into over the years via unemployment taxes? Because the Senator says so?

I say we should drug test anybody that goes into politics. That's where the real crazy people are......

Know what I mean?

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