Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Woman considered turning in found wallet, but got manicure instead

Here's a story about a woman who found a wallet in the parking lot of a Manatee County Wal-Mart, thought (for a nanosecond) about turning it in, but then happened to glance at her nails and figured, "Girl, you need a manicure!"

The owner of the wallet learned that his credit card had been used at the Wal-Mart, returned to the store, found out that the perp was wearing a bright green shirt and pants and had on an auburn wig, JUST LIKE THE WOMAN HE SAW WALKING ACROSS RT. 70 TO SAM'S CLUB!!!

A deputy stopped the nattily-attired female and found the auburn wig stuffed in her pants. I don't even want to know.......

Nichole Denise Simmons admitted she found the wallet and used one of the credit cards inside to get videos. When she realized that the credit card work, "....I went and got my nails done."

Well, hell yeah, she got her nails done. Take a look at these babies and tell me it wasn't worth every dime of that guy's money. Too bad she didn't have time for a pedicure, too.

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