Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sheriff's Dept. Hopes This Picture Will Help To Nab Slippery Suspect in Recent Home Invasions

Police release photo of alleged robber waiting for victim to answer doorbell.

Following a recent series of violent home invasions in Sarasota, the Sheriff's Dept. has just released this security camera image of the alleged invader just before his latest attack.

Police reports indicate that the robber targets middle-aged women who live alone, rings their doorbells and tells the victims that he has a pizza delivery, stripper-gram or Publisher's Clearing House check to entice the normally-guarded women into opening their doors. Once he gained entry, he would bash them in the head, tie them up and steal cash, credit cards, jewelry, TVs and any rancid chicken found in the house.

Early in the investigation, detectives did not link all of the robberies because of sketchy and varying descriptions of the suspect -- one woman, for instance, thought the robber was a black man but later said she did not see him and that he "sounded black," according to a police official.

Police say the suspect is, in fact, 6'8, 212 lbs, leathery skin, misshapen teeth, large mouth, protruding eyes and has a severe case of fish breath. They believe the one witness who thought he "sounded black" did so because of the robber's thick Southern accent. The photo reveals that he is actually more green than black.

If you believe you have seen this person, please contact the Sarasota County Sheriff's Dept. at once.

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