Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarasota Realtors Introduce New Marketing Test For Homebuyers

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Is now the time to buy that little oceanfront bungalow you've been dreaming about?

The Sarasota/Manatee Board of Realtors has just released a comprehensive test for potential buyers to determine whether or not NOW would be the right time for them to buy a new home in the area.

The quiz was developed by Zgoda Marketing from Detroit, MI and has been used extensively in that area to spark home buying, which is up 14% since the test was introduced several months ago.

The questions focus on income, education, home requirements, desired options and a myriad of other queries that have been scientifically formulated to select the optimum time to buy a home.

A very abbreviated overview quiz can give you an idea if now is the time for YOU:
  1. Are you now breathing?
  2. Are you now or have you ever in the past received payment for something you've done?
  3. Can you read and/or write?
  4. Can you sign your name or make your mark?
  5. Do you have credit?
  6. Do you have relatives with credit?
  7. Do you know anybody with credit?
Upon answering these questions, you will be directed to this website to evaluate your score as to whether or not TODAY is the right time to purchase YOUR new dream home here on the Suncoast.

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