Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Humberto Delgado, Jr. and I Am The N.R.A.

"My name is Humberto Delgado, Jr. I've been accused of killing Tampa police officer, Cpl. Mike Roberts. I may be homeless, but, when arrested, I had in my possession a Kel-Tec 223 assault rifle, a .22 caliber pistol, a .45 caliber handgun, a 9mm handgun and ammunition for each, as well as a .22 caliber rifle safely stored in an off-site storage locker, as is my God-given right under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, until the police illegally seized them as evidence."

"I am the N.R.A......."


  1. Well said and a compelling argument in its own right. Spoken like a true NRA supporter.....

  2. Well said,, I believe the system failed him.. The Virgin Islands Police and the US Army ..They all knew he had a problem and didnt do anything to fix it.. Mental Problems is a sickness not a fake.. He was a very good individual as a Police Officer and a very good dad...

  3. He served our country and was a police officer. Yes, what he did was wrong but the system failed him. They were aware of his problems (mental), and did nothing to aid him in his time of need. He is an amazing person. However, what he did was not right and neither am i excusing it. He is still my family member, i love him dearly, and will never turn my back on him. He was good enough to be in the military and serve as a police officer, but was not good enough to recieve the aid he needed from the state? What America really stands for?