Friday, August 14, 2009

Replacement Work for "Unconditional Surrender" Previewed By Sarasota's Arts Committee

Members of the Sarasota Public Arts Committee got their first exclusive glimpse the new art installation that is to take the place of the controversial sculpture Unconditional Surrender on Sarasota's bayfront.

This visually-stunning piece by renowned Norwegian artist, Willemsky Mihalcolovich, is made with steel, fiberglass, batik, chicken bones and used pizza boxes. Entitled Krash Landink, which, loosely translated from the artist's native tongue means "Crash Landing," has the local arts community all a-flutter.

"Never before have we had an installation that so perfectly captures what we are trying to accomplish here in Sarasota to educate these plebian swine who insist on living here among us glitterati," said one Public Arts Committee member. "This piece embodies the bleakness and heartbreak, the sheer hopelessness and futility of life itself, the desperate misery of man's inhumanity to man that permeates the very fiber of our being and crushes our collective souls into a melange of Dantian desolation. It's everything that great art is supposed to be. It's wonderful!"

One unidentified worker at the Venice airport where the piece was flown in to give the Arts Committee their private viewing of the masterpiece, commented, "Reminds me of a busted-up plane crash, if you ask me. Or real estate here in Florida. But, then again, I ain't no art critic. And I ain't no realtor, neither. So, maybe it is art. And maybe it is time to buy that new home you've always dreamed of. Hahahahaha......."

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