Monday, September 21, 2009

Internet "Feel Good" Video Creates Right-Wing Backlash, Heads Expected To Roll

An internet video sensation showing a high school freshman footballer with Down Syndrome being given the opportunity to score a touchdown when both teams agreed to let the young man have his special moment has, unexpectedly, ignited a firestorm of controversy over the ethical ramifications of the action. Right-wing media pundits have blasted both coaches, the young man's family, school administration and, of course, President Obama, calling the incident "despicable," "an illustration of everything that's wrong with this country," and "Obama socialism at its worst."

Conservative talk-show host, Don "Big Guns" Carothers, started the ball rolling this morning on his drive-time radio broadcast by telling his listeners that "this is a prime example of what is sending my America straight to hell, when two high school coaches get their misguided, socialist pointy little heads together and specifically tell their players to let this kid score a touchdown. Is that what made this country great? Hell, no, it's not!"

"This country was founded by men who scratched and clawed for everything they could get and the women who cooked and cleaned for them. That's why most of our founding fathers owned slaves, so they could set an example for the rest of us to use whatever means necessary to succeed, to make money, to win. What kind of message does this send to the other kids on the teams? Ooooh, everybody should have a chance; oooooh, everybody's a winner..... What a crock! The only good thing that came out of this is that is demonstrates to the kids what 'collusion' is and how it can work for their benefit."

Other right-wing talking heads complained that the unopposed touchdown, while not changing the game's final outcome, changed the point spread. "Who speaks for the gambling special interests? What about their rights?"

Said another, "These two guys--these coaches--should be fired. How dare they make a mockery of the sport of football. Football--true American football, not that kickball game that is soccer--is all about violence and blood and beating the other team senseless and winning, not namby-pamby displays of niceness. Niceness will never, ever get you anywhere, except beaten by the other guy. You want a life lesson? What we needed was a young Joe Wilson-type to run down there and dump that kid on his ass at about the 2-yard line. That, my friend, would be real life."

Tea Party presidential candidate, Wadley Nechanitz, called for the immediate dismissal of the coaches, as well as the school administrators who allowed a special-needs student on the team and wants all mention of the touchdown expunged from the record books. "This is America, this isn't the United Socialist States of Obamaland. It's time to recognize that all men are NOT created equal because all men aren't white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. We are and you're not--deal with it or get out of our country!"

Matt is a special athlete who has Down Syndrome. He loves football and has grown up in an environment surrounded by sports. His father is a coach/ athletic director, and all his siblings play sports. He grew up at athletic events, and has always been a cheerleader. He registered as a freshman at Benton High School -Saint Joseph, MO this year, and told his mother and father he wanted to play football. The team takes good care of looking after Matt, and he is still the cheerleader on the sidelines. He puts his pads and helmet on, stands next to Coach McCamy and waits for his turn to play. Over and over during the course of the game Matt will say, “Coach McCamy, I am ready! I am ready Coach!” On this Monday night coach gave him a chance. The Cardinals were down by a few touchdowns with 15 seconds left. Coach McCamy called a timeout and asked the coach of Maryville High School if they could run their “Matt Play”. He agreed and this is where the video begins. Thanks to Coach McCamy and the freshman coach at Maryville, Matt and his family will cherish his moment forever!

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