Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sarasota Speaks, But It Dont Spell To Good



Wild Thing, she of the faaaaaaaar right-wing lunatic fringe den of doom, gloom, despair and everything else Republican and neatly wrapped up in the American red, white and blue called Theodore's World, has issued a stirring call to arms against the health care bill, as seen in Sarasota Speaks, because it "breeches" IRS privacy. Penned by that bastion of fairness and impartiality, Dick "The Toe-Sucker" Morris, who, according to him, single-handedly got Bill Clinton re-elected, then abruptly resigned from the Clinton campaign when the story of his somewhat off-kilter affair with a prostitute surfaced and has since become a darling of the conservatives by bashing anything Democratic.

Co-author, Eileen McGann, is actually Mrs. Dick Morris, who helps hubby write books (like the prescient blockbuster "Condi vs. Hillary: Who Will Be President in 2008?"), as well as, I would suspect, helps keep her husband away from prostitutes.

Call me a stickler, but my public school education (a socialist idea, if ever there was one, by the way) taught me that 'breaches' means 'breaks the law or a promise' while 'breeches' means 'britches,' as in pants. And, by pants, I mean trousers, not breathing hard and drooling, as author Morris is wont to do around a sexy set of toes that belong to someone other than his co-author.

Of course, 'breeches' can also mean the opening in gun barrels where ammunition is chambered. Wild Thing, fancies herself a stone-cold military killing machine, so I can see where there could be some confusion.....

English: the official language of Republicans. Learn it or get out of our country."

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