Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Polk County Cops Caught On Camera Playing Video Games On Duty Now Demand Wii Games At Every Crime Scene

While executing a search warrant at the home of a suspected drug dealer near Lakeland, Polk County Sheriff's deputies discovered drugs, weapons and stolen property. What they didn't discover was the hidden surveillance camera that had been installed by the suspect. Moreover, it's safe to say that none of the tireless crimefighters ever thought that a video of them playing Wii Bowling would end up on the internet. Ha!

Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, almost--almost--tried to defend his deputies, but was overcome by a wave of common sense and condemned their actions. The narrator estimates that the amount of time wasted by the 16 detectives playing Wii on this particular bust to be around $4,000. One unidentified detective took issue with that figure saying, "C'mon, it's not like all 16 of us stood around playing the game. There was only one game console, so some of us had to wait around 'til it was our turn. And a couple detectives didn't even play at all, choosing instead to watch a movie on the guy's DVD collection."

But what really rankles Sheriff Judd and the taxpayers of Polk County is that the deputies had so much fun playing Wii Bowling, the police union is demanding that a portable Wii unit be brought to all crime scene investigations. Said one unidentified deputy, "We put in a lot of tedious hours, interrupted only by the occasional moment of sheer terror every once in awhile. Some cops drink, some do drugs, some run around on their spouses, some quit the force to become disgruntled postal workers. If having a Wii Bowling game at the next domestic violence standoff or the next hostage situation saves the sanity of just one officer, it will be worth it. There's always a lot of waiting and standing around in those situations and the game would help ease the tension and boredom of the men and women on duty."

It has been reported that one of the detectives shown using the bowling game is currently on medical leave. Apparently, the officer that leaps for joy at rolling a strike at around the 55- second mark has filed a worker's compensation claim for a back injury suffered while "jumping up and down in the line of duty during an especially intense search-and-seizure investigation."

Sarasota Police Chief Peter Abbott thought the Wii Bowling game idea would work in Sarasota, as well. "I haven't really priced them out, but I bet they can be had for under $400. If this "therapy" works, think of the money we'll save in the long run by not having to shell out 400 bucks to drunks we arrest when our officers beat the hell out of them in front of the police station. Not to mention that this would greatly improve the scores of our departmental bowling team."

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