Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Some, Chinese Drywall Could Be Answer To Falling Stock Market

From Joel Friesen of Creative Commons comes this sobering assessment about the pernicious evil that is Chinese drywall.

The Chinese drywall epidemic appears to be especially deadly if:
  • you are 'upside down' in your new house
  • you think a class-action lawsuit seems like a good way to recoup the losses in your 401(k)
  • you think a class-action lawsuit can be an alternative career path in this recession
  • you want to move back north
  • your builder promised you 'the world' and you ended up with the 'third world'
  • you hate your neighbors
  • you're bored and want to inject a little excitement into your life
  • you are a house-a-chondriac
If you feel left out and somewhat disappointed because you're not being killed by Chinese drywall in your house, go here to find something else that will kill you.

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