Thursday, February 12, 2009

PR Lessons Pay Dividends For Bank Execs

Congress grills bankers on bailout money

Apparently, these guys (or more accurately, their handlers) have figured out how to act when summoned to appear before a suddenly righteously indignant Congress.

Patriotic is good: "We're Americans first and bankers second."

So is apologetic: "As an industry, we clearly made mistakes."

How about a vow of poverty: "I have asked my board of directors to pay me a $1 annual salary, with no bonuses, until Citigroup returns to profitability."

Oooooh, good one, Vikram.

They showed up with briefcases full of humility and good attitudes, vowing to eschew CEO bonuses and to lend the money that was given to them by the taxpayers back to the taxpayers.

At 21% interest, of course.

A sterling signal that a new era in fiscal responsibility has dawned in the banking industry. They have seen the light.

Ha! As soon as they were dismissed by the House Financial Services Committee, they all ran outside like school kids who just pulled one over on the teacher......

A-Hole Fight

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