Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Not So Hard Being Green

Suddenly, all us cheeseburger aficionados are ecologically vindicated! 'Going green' was never so gastronomically delicious. In fact, the hardest thing about it might be our arteries.

If this kid's success to drive across America depends on used vegetable oil from burgers and fries, who am I to deny him fuel?

Times being what they are, I understand there are sacrifices to be made. Apparently, there is a severe water shortage in the Central Valley of California. With only so much water to go around, the choice has to be made between irrigating the crops that produce 25% of America's food or filling the swimming pools of Beverly Hills.

I will, therefore, in the interest of my country, forgo the lettuce and tomato on my burger. God bless America!

Please join me every Weds. by wearing a green T-shirt to the weekly eco-friendly lunch at the Hob Nob, sponsored by FRIES (Friends Responsibly Initiating Environment Solutions.)

Who knew ecology could taste this good?

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