Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Truth Will Out, Stephen King

Steven Lightfoot, the non-caped crusader who is trying to bring nefarious Casey Key kingpin, author Stephen King, to justice for the murder of rock icon John Lennon, tried to plead his case to the Sarasota City Commission this past week.

After being granted an impromptu audience with the assembled commissioners, he was summarily dismissed with the technicality that the accused lives in the County of Sarasota, not the City of Sarasota. Frustrated by this underhanded parliamentarian ploy, Lightfoot was forcibly removed from the chamber, shouting, "Don't tase me, bro," although that audio has been edited from the videotape below due to possible copyright infringement action from the original 'tased dude', UF student, Andrew Meyer.

Lightfoot has been waging his campaign for truth for some time now, first in California and most recently here on the Suncoast, daring to come into the very lair of his avowed arch-nemesis and his minions.

Because the Casey Key bid to secede from Sarasota County has yet to take place, the Sarasota County Commissioners are taking the preemptive measure of already researching Robert's Rules of Order for a loophole to prevent him from speaking at their next meeting, including denying entry to his everpresent "Stephen King Pulled The Trigger" sign.

Nonplussed, Steven Lightfoot intends to stay on message, although he revealed plans to sport a new look at the upcoming meeting:

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