Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is Henrietta The New Monica??

Taking a cue from his mentor, Bill Clinton, Pres. Obama wasted no time in demonstrating his affection for the ladies at a town hall meeting in Ft. Myers, FL. He pushed his way past his Secret Service detail and scooped up Henrietta Hughes in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss in front of 1,500 shocked supporters, many of which were visibly embarrassed to have witnessed such a brazen display.

Said one staffer, "Man, I wouldn't want to be him when we get home. Michelle is gonna kick his ass all over the White House."

"I'll hook you up, baby."
A homeless woman who was hugged and comforted by President Barack Obama when she pleaded for help at public meeting in Florida has spent her first night in a new home, donated by a member of the audience

The next day, Ms. Hughes was offered the use of a house by the wife of Florida State Representative, Nick Thompson. "We got a call from Rahm Emanuel late last night, telling us that our President needed a house. Fortunately, we had just bounced out some long-time tenants who were two days late on their rent payment, so we had this one available. Rahm said he didn't care whose house it was, just get one. He can be very, uh, convincing," Mrs. Thompson said with a trembling voice.

When asked whether or not she thought her new home would be better than living in her Nissan truck, Ms. Hughes said, "It's OK, but I guess I won't be taking it to the drive-through at the Taco Bell any time soon, now will I?"

"Barack, honey, that top right window is my room. Baby, you come see Henrietta anytime..."

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