Thursday, February 5, 2009

This Is A Bust

In an affront to free speech everywhere, the narrow-minded people at the Sarasota County School Board have pulled the plug on a police training class following a complaint from a student that the instructor had shown a porn movie.

Oh, it gets better.

The 'educator' in this case is a retired Venice cop. And a driver's ed teacher. And a 'longtime youth sports coach.' And he gets $50 an hour to teach the 80-hour course. Oh, and he was just elected to the North Port City Commission in November.

As if on cue, the comment wagons were immediately driven into a defensive circle:

  • "If this was a class for law enforcement and most importantly, adults, then these people should have much thicker skin. A little porn, no matter how graphic isn't going to be anywhere near the worst thing they'll see on the job. What are these people going to do when they see someone's mangled body like what recently happened on I-75?"
  • "Only the instructor knows why he showed this video, and I find myself wondering what his reasons were. If there is going to be a public lambasting of this man who appears to have a long history in public service, I think we deserve to know his side before any of us can begin to pass judgment."
  • "Bet you anything it was the woman officer who complained!"
  • "I'm curious WHY would anyone expect him to resign as a commissioner? This happened in a different town, for only a few brief moments, and it was NOT official NP business."
  • "Geesh folks - it wasn't like he took it to the local kindergarten class. It was a room-full of ADULTS."
  • "The room was full of 6 adults training to become police officers. He showed a film that contained nudity. The officers were "shocked". If they are "shocked" by some nudity -- geesh what will they think when they're out on the streets."
And with so many hackles being raised in defense of North Port, it makes you wonder if he shows these same movies at the city commission meetings.

Like the guy said, "It was a very good course, and I was disappointed it was canceled."

Yeah, no kidding; now he has to download his porn off the internet like everyone else.

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