Monday, February 9, 2009

The Walls of Jericho Come a-Tumblin' Down

Following the loss of a match in Vancouver, Canada, WWE wrestling superstar, Chris Jericho, was confronted by some hecklers outside the arena. Link. Jericho, 6'0 and 226 lbs of muscle and grit, launched into a profane rant, before sucker-punching bystander Ashley Levey and knocking the 5'3, 109 lbs. asthmatic girl to the ground.

Several people rushed to the aid of the stricken girl and helped her to her feet. When he went to apologize to the young fan, Levey immediately got Jericho in a 'Sasquatchean Spinning Nerve Hold' and pinned him to the pavement, much to the delight of the cheering fans. She then used Jericho's own 'Moss Covered, Three Handled, Family Grenundzul' move to force him into the customary three-count defeat.

Levey was then carried from the parking lot on the shoulders of her frenzied admirers, leaving the wrestler in an unceremonious heap.

Jericho's handlers did not immediately comment on whether or not they would seek a rematch.

Levey and Jericho, before the impromptu deathmatch

Jericho, after the beatdown

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