Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You Think It's Easy Being King?

This article describes how the wife of Bernie "I Used To Be The Chairman Of Nasdaq--I Know How To Make You Richer Than You Already Are" Madoff withdrew $5.5 million from hubby's firm and, since that worked out so well, another $10 million a couple weeks later, which just so happened to coincidentally be the day before Madoff was arrested for running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

Big deal! Like the $15.5 million she grabbed was going to make a difference.

Massachusetts Sec. of State, William Galvin, points to this little withdrawal as an indication that the missus might have been privy to what was going on down at the office, despite Madoff's assertion that he was the lone shooter.

"As you know, the tale is being told that it was just Mr. Madoff who apparently worked 24 hours a day, shooting out false invoices and statements to people,” Galvin told The Associated Press in an interview.

Ha! Good one! He's right; even Santa has to have elves......

Meanwhile, poor Bernie remains confined to his shabby, one-room flat in NYC:

We've got our own low-rent version of this same soap opera here in Sarasota. Instead of a $50 billion scam, it's an embarrassingly low $350 million hose job. Yes, that's 'million' with an 'm.' You'd think Sarasota could do better than that.

And, once again, it was all one guy's handiwork that nobody else knew anything about. Not the wife, not the business partners, not anybody that worked in the office. Certainly not the SEC, but, that goes without saying.

And if you're feeling sorry for Madoff having to live in squalor, our own Art Nadel is stuck in this dump:

It's his own fault, though. If the dumbass would have bought a nice little place in Manhattan like Madoff did, instead of buying property in North Carolina, his stay in the Big Apple might have been a bit more pleasant.

I mean, really, North Carolina? What was he thinking??

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